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17,318 Days on Earth

Tonight, Eve and I finally got around to watching Nick Cave’s film, 20,000 Days on Earth, released in the US in September, which, as you can imagine, marks his 20,000th day, in a sort of creative fashion, involving psychoanalysis, car rides with people that may not have actually been there, assembling pieces of his history for his museum of Important Shit, and mostly the creative process by which the 2013 album Push the Sky Away was created and recorded.

Highlights: Warren Ellis telling him that a particular phrase sounded like Lionel Richie; and a scene near the end where he’s watching Scarface with his kids.

I followed up the film by making Eve watch the official videos released for the two Murder Ballads duets back in 1995: Where the Wild Roses Grow, with Kylie Minogue, and Henry Lee, with PJ Harvey.  I started showing her the Dylan version (Love, Henry from World Gone Wrong) and the Dick Justice version (1929, and included in Harry smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music in 1952), but she was too sleepy to hear any more.