Some years ago, I was primarily responsible for publishing a zine called Krylon Underground. It was a sometimes-coherent, inconsistently-produced periodical, often consisting of poetry, art, thought-collages, strange juxtapositions, advertisements for then-current events, and music interviews.

A couple of years ago, just to see if it would be found, I gave the old Krylon an online presence. It was found, along with a few of the old contributors and related supporters and people who were touched by the zine.

Early this year, while working on writing a book which is partially about my father and partially about growing up in and around the District of Columbia, the idea sort of came to me to republish the old content as best as I could. After some back and forth with a publisher, I ended up jumping on the bandwagon to republish the entire collection in one complete volume — as complete as that volume could be, anyway. At first I wanted to pick and choose only content, and make a slim volume of only the worthwhile stuff, but I was sort of talked into completeness.

I borrowed old copies from Chris H, who had kept more issues than I had over the years. I spent weeks scanning, cleaning up and prepping for publication, and released it into the wild in mid-March. The availability of this collection has already been beneficial. I have reconnected with some old friends over it, and for the first time in my life, I have something published in my name with its own ISBN.

While a part of me wants to just give out copies of the book to everyone that wants one, so far I have resisted that idea. Sure, I’ve sent out some promo copies to specific targeted folks for review purposes, and a couple of specially chosen people, but obviously I can’t afford to buy copies for everyone I know like I really want to.

The book is available on Amazon for the folks that just find it and want a copy the easy way. But I’m going to announce right here and right here only that there are TWO other ways to get copies of the book. One, I’ve already mentioned on the book’s online home — One can send me $15 via Paypal or via my PO Box and I’ll send you one of my promo copies, signed, postage included.

The other method goes back to the old ways. Send me something in trade. Use your judgement and your intuition as to what to send in trade.

Bob, POB 7945, Fredericksburg VA 22404.

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