What if the Dead shows are just a giant scam?

grateful_dead-steal_your_face-sailfastchicagoThink about this. What if there ARE NO SHOWS?

Imagine — announce three final nights in Chicago.

Anticipating demand of all us nostalgic sentimental heads throughout the decades, have your crew of secret minions buy up most of the tickets, and sell them on StubHub for 10x face value.

Flee the country, cancel the shows, inflated ticket buyers will only be able to get face value for refunds, they pocket all the profit.


It’s like a Rock and Roll pump and dump scam!!!

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

I’m currently listening to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce, published 1916, begun in 1903 as Stephen Hero.

It’s hard to compare other authors to Joyce, especially when read by someone as talented as Donal Donnelly. During the fire and brimstone sermon, I almost found religion myself. Right there on I-95, in the dark, at 70 miles per hour.

Perhaps Joyce should have become a Jesuit priest after all…  reference…

It’s no wonder this book is considered one of the greatest English-language works in history.

Lyon Sisters Update

lyonsistersI hope all of my long-time Maryland local friends are keeping up with the new developments in the case of the Lyon sisters, who went missing on March 25, 1975. It’s quickly coming up on the 40th anniversary of their disappearance.

Last February, MCPD declared Lloyd Lee Welch a person of interest. He had actually come forward on April 1, 1975 (he was maybe 18 then) reporting seeing the girls get into a car with a man. This was immediately after a $7,000 reward was offered. They took his statement, gave him a polygraph, and said that it indicated deception.

Later last summer, they declared Lloyd’s uncle a person of interest (Richard Welch of Hyattsville).  Until late last week, those of us who follow the case closely have been waiting for details on what led to these two declarations. Since that second declaration, MCPD has been working closely with investigators in Thaxton, Bedford County, VA (down in southwestern Virginia between Lynchburg and Roanoake) interviewing family members and searching properties. The family owns land on Taylor Mountain, including a private cemetery with unmarked graves.

Finally, court papers surfaced last week describing some of the facts and circumstances that led to these declarations.  I hope they’re coming close to solving this crime, it would be nice to close the books on one that haunted our childhoods.

affidavit attachment

Fifty Shades of WHAT

Eve asked me the other night if I had ever read “Fifty Shades of Grey.” At first, I wondered if she was talking about my yacht club photos.


But no, I haven’t. I haven’t ever. Which is odd, because I’ll read anything. I guess I was turned off of it from the beginning because it seemed like an orchestrated attempt to create mainstream romanticized porn for people who don’t normally allow themselves the luxury of porn.  With all the hype, people are granting themselves permission. News flash, I’m a guy, and…

allmenYes, ALL guys. So I never really felt the need to take in Fifty Shades. Plus, personally, I’ve never had an interest in the whole dom/sub paradigm. To me it’s right up there with phone sex — too abstracted and contrived to hold any interest for me. We all have our kinks, and I say “meh.”

Then there’s the idea that when something is mainstreamed, it is cartoonified and watered down to an extent that long-time enthusiasts will find it objectionable. So even though I don’t have interest in dom/sub kind of things, I’m pretty well-versed and know all the bullet points, and I object in advance on behalf of those of my friends who live in that world. How’s that for prejudice?

Of course, now that the question has been raised, I feel like I should give it a fair chance just so that I know what I’m talking about. I wonder if it’s out on audiobook. Or should I risk listening to that on the way to (or from) work???

Sabina’s Pentatonix tickets…

Sabina came to me asking to see the seating chart for Patriot Center for the March 19 Pentatonix show that she and I will be attending. After seeing the seats (113 Row W), I convinced her that we should trade in her seats for General Admission floor seats. Despite her initial objections (worries about seeing over tall people) I managed to distill my years of concertgoing experiences and convey the important message of being as close to the action as possible. Plus, as a tiny girl, she’ll be able to squeeze up front.

The disadvantage, aside from the additional expense, is that she will no longer be close to her Internet fan friends way up in section 112.  But please, GA floor is ALWAYS better than nosebleeds.

I think she hopes to be this girl.