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Top Shelf Software Cynicism

Adobe Flash Player, which I’m sure we can all agree is rather ubiquitous at this point…

During an UPGRADE, mind you, not a fresh install…

Sneaks an install past the end user of a limited version of McAfee Security Scan.

1) McAfee products haven’t been considered viable players on the security market for YEARS.

2) Something offered as a bundled product which you CHOSE not to install before should not be again snuck in during an upgrade. Especially something that doesn’t play well with other products.

3) I can’t honestly remember the last time McAfee caught anything in terms of malware.

4) The sole purpose of THIS McAfee product seems to be to sell you a beefier product — which ALSO SUCKS.

5) Ubiquitous software, which is installed on just about every desktop and powers some of the most frequently-accessed pages on the internet should ABSOLUTELY not bundle SHITware along with it. You really want to tie your reputation to that of McAfee, Adobe Some of us are paying attention.