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Personal Spam Trends

Over the past couple of weeks, my spam levels have increased ferociously, and nearly all of it can be attributed to obscure (new?) TLDs. First it was .click and .work, then I got a whole bunch from .us, and for the last few days it has been .ninja.

After eight and a half years at an ISP/hosting company, and seven more doing more advanced security work, I still have to struggle to believe that spammers make any money at all. When I get badly-worded and atrociously-spelled missives about the latest diabetes treatment or my credit score or a new security system (that’s right, it’s not just penis pills anymore — I guess the spammers finally realized I don’t need enlargement or “volume increases”), all I can wonder is WHO BUYS THIS CRAP and HOW DO THESE FUCKERS STAY IN BUSINESS?

I’m almost to the point — not quite there yet, but almost — where I’m ready to migrate from the MURDER SPAMMERS ethos to the JUST KILL ALL THE STUPID PEOPLE SO THE SPAMMERS WILL STOP MAKING MONEY ethos.