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Busy Busy Saturday

My busy, busy Saturday. My own firm plans were in Silver Spring, at the Santa Fe Writers Project Spring Book Launch party, and after that, less than a mile away seeing Kiya Heartwood at a house concert at the home of my great friends Henry and Rachel.

Well, I had some time after my haircut, so I went by way of DC and ended up catching the first set of Dot Dash doing an outdoor gig at 18th & Columbia.


They’re good, solid, sensitive post-punk. Go give ’em a listen. It was fun to people-watch, too. I don’t get into the city enough.

Found some great city art just around the corner.

adamsmorgan1adams morgan 2

I kinda wanted to stay for Dot Dash’s second set, but I really wanted to make the book launch to support SFWP and their authors, so I headed back to my car and up the road to Silver Spring.

When I got there, I decided to park near Henry and Rachel’s and walk the .7 miles back to Jackie’s for the book launch, since it was a nice day and I was a bit concerned about parking for the house concert later on. Before going in, I wandered around to find an ATM, which it turns out wasn’t necessary as the book table took credit cards.  I was excited to see Joe’s Record Paradise. I cut my teeth musically in their former location. I still remember the first three punk albums I bought from Joe’s.

Into Jackies, then, a bit underdressed and sweaty from walking in the heat. Couple of beers, nice chat with Andrew, photo op, then over to the book table. I was good.  There must have been 15-20 different books on the table, and I only walked away with three. Had I stayed longer, I might have bought more. Here are the three I settled on:

I was sad to cut out of there early, only hearing one of the authors reading, but glad I got to experience the event — I had never been to a book launch before. Plenty of art openings, record release parties, etc., but never a book launch.

Headed back over to H&R’s for the house concert. H&R have a lending library in front of their house. It’s a cool concept. Someone a few blocks up their street has one too. I made sure to leave a copy of the Krylon book in both.

It was sooooooo, sooooooo good to see my friends again. These are people that have been a positive influence on me for two thirds of my life.

After hellos, intros to the other guests and a couple of beers, we sat down for the show. I had done some research, and listened/watched a bit on Youtube to Kiya’s work, but I wasn’t prepared for the show. Last night’s show had a theme, and it was a good, strong, and well-timed theme. It was storytelling and songs for the common man, the working man, teaching about Mother Jones, Joe Hill, Calamity Jane and Walt Whitman. Informative, educational, entertaining, and passionate. You can tell that Kiya has deep feelings about these themes. Sorry my pic is blurry…


After the show, had a great time hanging out and listening to recordings in the fantastic studios of Red Sky Audio, and then chatting with everyone in the front room. Then it was time to make the bleary-eyed drive back to the burg. Long, difficult drive, which included a short nap in a McDonald’s parking lot. Home by 2AM or so.

I like my life.