Author Bio

I’ve written a lot over the years.  I started with a self-published zine in the 80s & 90s, Krylon Underground. I stopped doing that one when Sherwin-Williams sent their trademark goon lawyers after me for using the word Krylon in my zine’s name.  I’ve written stacks of private communication, some of which has wooed women and started wars.  Mission accomplished.

In the 2000s I wrote a couple of articles for trade magazines:

Zero-Downtime Post-Compromise Forensics – Ping! Zine, March 2005
Web Hosting Security Demystified – Ping! Zine, May 2005

Current projects:
* A book-style archive of Krylon Underground
* A book about my father and his stories
* An updated genealogy, piggybacking on a 1947 work by my first cousin, twice removed. He’s gone now, and I don’t believe anyone has taken the reins on updating his work.
* A journey into the process of naming boats.

In the spirit of days gone by, please send the following to my secret PO Box: remembrances of days gone by; mysterious missives and mixtapes; titillating texts; cosmic coincidence confirmations; prurient pictures… and?

PO Box 7945, Fredericksburg VA 22404

Of course, you are also welcome to friend me on Facebook, Google+, or wherever else I may be found.

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