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Household Gods (Crowley)

Found this one in a folder full of Crowley texts. It’s an obscure little play about a man and his servant girl… It opens with the man at an alter bemoaning the fact that his wife has abandoned him to play in the woods with entities unknown. The servant girl comes in to console him, and one thing leads to another.

It’s a very short play, and serves only to demonstrate the lure and power of sexuality over man, and what we are willing to do if the conditions are ripe…

It did have a line near the beginning that conjured up Nick Cave lyrics for me… Don’t know if there’s a relation or not. As he’s poring over the alter in the beginning…

Ye household gods!
By these male tears I swear
That ye shall grant this prayer.
All things at odds

Shall be put straight–
Harmonized, reconciled
By some appointed child
Of some far Fate!

It made me think of Nick Cave’s Do You Love Me, specifically the line “She was given to me to put things right…”