Review: Stardust

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, although I probably enjoyed it in the most obscure media. I understand that this has been a graphic novel, then a text-only novel, and also a movie. I chose to enjoy it in the audio book format, simply because that’s the easiest way for me to fit “reading” into my schedule.

I think I “get” Neil, his sensibilities, and where he’s coming from, and this was validated especially with the audiobook version of this story, because at the end of the story, they included an interview with Neil, in which he discussed the process of coming up with the story, his preferred medium being radio shows, and writing with pen (when not writing a screenplay) because it “slows him down.” I’m also 100% in agreement with him on the enjoyment of “unabridged” audiobooks especially when read by the original author, or by someone who brings the right ‘character” to the story without his or her voice becoming a character unto itself. I plan to follow up on Neil’s recommendation for listening to poets reading their own works. Honestly, the audiobook is worth a listen just for the interview.

As for the story, as a natural romantic, it appealed to me in every sense. It was well-structured, filled with fun characters and devices. There weren’t a whole lot of surprises, I guess I’ve been reading enough of him lately that I could see where he was going with it very early on, but that took absolutely nothing from the story. I remained spellbound through the entire thing.

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Lest we not forget Mingering Mike

I was also fortunate that we had time to visit the Smithsonian American Art gallery before the Atlas show. I had been looking forward to the Mingering Mike exhibit ever since I first read about it. I snapped some photos in the exhibit (the signs only said no FLASH photography, so I took that as a sign that non-flash photography was allowed). Turns out the photos were unnecessary, because THEY SELL A FREAKING COFFEE TABLE BOOK OF THE ENTIRE COLLECTION IN THE GIFT SHOP!  Yes, of course I bought one.

Kudos to DC and the Smithsonian for recognizing the value of folk art!

The Goddess Is Alive (and a foot!)

Wonderful show this evening at the Atlas on H Street NE. It has been a long time since I last took the girls to see Rachel perform, and I had forgotten how much I missed her voice, at least until the first notes came out.

Loads of beautiful and sometimes silly Goddess joy.  I especially enjoyed the Klompen instrument.

So glad we braved the ice and freezing bullshit weather to have such a wonderful time in the show tonight.

What if the Dead shows are just a giant scam?

grateful_dead-steal_your_face-sailfastchicagoThink about this. What if there ARE NO SHOWS?

Imagine — announce three final nights in Chicago.

Anticipating demand of all us nostalgic sentimental heads throughout the decades, have your crew of secret minions buy up most of the tickets, and sell them on StubHub for 10x face value.

Flee the country, cancel the shows, inflated ticket buyers will only be able to get face value for refunds, they pocket all the profit.


It’s like a Rock and Roll pump and dump scam!!!