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Three Little Bops — Masonic/Illuminati Propaganda?

I recently noticed a few interesting things in the Three Little Bops, my all-time favorite Looney Tunes cartoon.

  • First, this is a Warner Bros. / Looney Tunes cartoon. Jack Warner of Warner Bros.  was a Freemason.
  • Mel Blanc was a Freemason as well, although he didn’t do any of the voices in this particular cartoon. In fact, this is the ONLY Warner Bros. cartoon to NOT feature Mel Blanc. Conspicuous coincidence?
  • The number three figures quite prominently in Freemasonry.
  • Shorty Rogers, the jazz trumpeter who composed the tune, also made an appearance in the Frank Capra film Alphabet Conspiracy, a story of the science of language and linguistics centered around plot to destroy the alphabet and all language. Frank Capra was a member of the Knights of Malta.
  • After destroying the first two houses of straw and sticks, the pigs take up residence in the house of bricks (“Sturdy place, this house of bricks, built in 1776”). The camera pans to the cornerstone which is dated May 1, 1776. This the date that Adam Weishaupt founded (or resurrected, depending on which story you subscribe to) the Bavarian Illuminati.


  • The wolf attempts to disguise himself to enter the house. In Masonic lore, a Mason must be “properly clothed” to enter the Lodge. This entails the wearing of the apron, which is made of lambskin. Wolf in sheep’s clothing?
  • The wolf’s ultimate demise, by accidentally blowing himself up, and the following rebirth as a cool jazz player, symbolizes the symbolic death and rebirth inherent in all occult ritual.

Another odd coincidence

Immediately after watching Going Clear, I drew a hot bath and cracked open Sean Brijbasi’s amazing act of wordamithing, The Unknowed Things, to the page at which I had last abandoned it. I immediately came across a passage containing the declaration, “The War Is Over!” Frightening callback (in my mind) to the powerful Nazi-esque scene in the film at which Miscavige presides over the victory celebration after the IRS caves on their tax-exempt status. Those exact words are projected in larger-than-life characters on a larger-than-life screen as pyrotechnics are detonated and fists are pumped.

Finally watched Going Clear

I finally got around to watching Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Now, to be fair, I did not come into this cold. I had been quite aware of Scientology and all of its horror stories for years. I bought and read Lawrence Wright’s book when it came out. I have been READY for this. But it’s still quite shocking, and at the same time not surprising at all, what people are able to be convinced of, and to convince themselves of.

Interesting from a coincidence standpoint, as at the moment my wife suggested the viewing (I had recorded the film about a month ago and had not yet found the time to watch it), I was researching the Internet, trying to find an audiobook version of Dianetics. DING DING DING! (Because I am curious at heart and not afraid of ideas).

Interesting that Hubbard lived in a group house with Jack Parsons (famed rocket scientist, member of OTO and disciple of Aleister Crowley).

Hubbard started working on Dianetics 1950, goal to make a religion and not have to pay taxes.

Electronically-assisted Freudian therapy? That’s how one person describes the e-meter — as one-third of a lie detector.

“But it works!” Well, of course. If you measure someone before and after fully engaging them, you will see improvement. It is the act of engaging that improves a person. What the person engages with is almost irrelevant! (Ask Crowley).

Interestingly, Hubbard’s office had a “Commodore” sign above the doorway.

Best quote, from an ex-Scientologist after reaching OT-III and being given the secret documents in a locked briefcase: “What the FUCK is this?”

The most alarming thing about this documentary is that much of this insanity was going on during the late 1980s, even after L. Ron’s death.

The crazy IRS debacle. That’s all. That crazy IRS debacle.

I asked my Tarot, prior to publishing this, whether it was safe to publish this review. It responded with the Fortune card: Follow thy Fortune, careless where it lead thee. The axle moveth not: attain thou that.

Being a non-insider with virtually no public influence whatsoever, I suppose I have little to fear. And the consensus among its critics is that the organization is weaker now than it has been in a long time.

Still… frankly, this organization should scare the HELL out of you. For more/deeper information, please visit Operation Clambake. It’s the biggest rabbit hole you’ll ever dive into. A virtually infinite well of insanity.

If you need even more, start here:

21 Insane Things Going Clear Left Out

Regardless of everything that’s been said above, if anyone has an e-meter they’re willing to DONATE for purposes of experimentation, send it to the PO Box.  POB 7945, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an avid collector of cultural artifacts.

Kudos to the former members who had the bravery to step forward and allow this film to happen.

And points to whoever decided that Theremin music would be a good way to segue out of the film and into the credits. SPOOOOOOOOKYYYYYYY!

Notes from Illuminatus!

avatar_14894It has been decades since I read the Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. I’m currently listening to it in audiobook form, read by Ken Campbell and Chris Fairbank. It’s as if I’m consuming an entirely new piece, which technically I am — just like you can’t step on the same piece of water twice, the evolving mind can’t read the same book twice, because what you read is colored by everything else your mind has ever consumed and conjured. Ken Campbell really breathes life into it, as if it wasn’t full of enough life.

As with Cosmic Trigger, RAW’s work inevitably inspires attunement with the forces of coincidence, or whatever you choose to name it. The first notable coincidence came in the first paragraph, where the narrator is describing an event that occurs on April 23. That is today, and that was not planned.

The second coincidence comes later, where several passages refer to the gunning down of John Dillinger by the FBI, specifically the phenomenon of onlookers dipping their handkerchiefs in Dillinger’s blood as a souvenir. This phenomenon was also one of the subplots of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, which I finished listening to three weeks ago.

I’ll try and remember to post more coincidences as I run across them — I know there will be more.

Blah blah blah Sovereign Citizen blah blah blah

Seriously, DailyBeast?

The Craziest Tax Scam You’ve Never Heard Of?

Only if you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty years or so.

I remember the first guy I encountered who believed he wasn’t legally obligated to pay taxes. We were working for a law firm in DC. I was young, and just as inquisitive and open-minded as I am now, and he started explaining it to me, how once you learn the system you don’t have to pay taxes.

He got past the first hurdle, and avoided the company withholding. Then the IRS started putting pressure on the company. I was told by one of the partners, “if he keeps this up and it becomes a matter of us being penalized for his choices, he’ll be fired.”

This had to be sometime in the 90s. Back then it was just jabberwocky about avoiding taxes. I guess this was before it evolved into armed resistance against authority, shooting cops, etc. Back then it was a couple of scamsters getting rich selling you the “educational materials” you needed to learn how to “properly” file bogus tax returns. I don’t remember hearing about the secret bank account associated with every citizen back then that you could draw against with special Notes. I heard about those sometime later. But it’s all the same scam. The only winner is the joker selling the scam.

The linked video is pretty entertaining, though. Shows the result of a Sovereign Citizen trying to shove his way between a couple of obstructive bailiffs.  Go. Watch. Enjoy. Thank me later.

P.S., don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to pay my taxes either. It’s a lot of money, some of it going to support stuff I don’t necessarily agree with.

Minor, yet engaging coincidentry.

Gross Pointe Blank – the scene where Martin engages in a shootout with his rivals in the UltiMart, just before bobheadblowing it to smithereens, while the clerk is in the zone playing videogames and listening to Motorhead’s Ace of Spades.

a little bit later…

Fast Sofa – Jake Busey wearing a Black Flag t-shirt, Motorhead’s Ace of Spades playing in the background, just before he blows up some douchebag’s pickup truck with a flaming crossbow.

This obsession I have with the past…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m obsessed with the past. My father likes to say, “sometimes the past should stay in the past.” Sometimes, when people are uncomfortable with the past, there are demons back there lurking, or maybe what they’re really uncomfortable with is the present, represented by their own linear progress.

Except there’s no such thing as linear progress. It’s a myth. We walk our own road, we do our own time. Anyone tries to tell you different is a liar.

The past can’t be ignored. It’s directly connected to the present, and the future. Re-examining the past with the eyes of experience, you’re likely to learn new lessons that may have been missed the first time around. You just never know what might be buried in there. Maybe it floated right by you when you weren’t paying attention.

One of the ways I’m reconnecting with the past is by re-releasing material from my old Krylon Underground archives. Feel free to connect on facebook for periodic releases of “stuff” — artwork, poetic indulgences, satire, whatever strikes my fancy, as I get around to it. Most of it is not written or drawn by me. I was more of a collector, and towards the end I had quite a collection of submissions mailed to me from friends and strangers.

Here’s a good example. It’s a long piece from what I believe is the last printed copy of Krylon Underground in 1992.



So on the way home from the show last night, I had three car problems all at once.  1) oil pressure light, 2) code for engine cooland temperature problem, and 3) no heat.  Coincidence?  Or payback for speaking up about SLI?  You be the judge.  There were no problems when I parked. The car did not appear to have been tampered with while I was in the show.

I’ve added oil and coolant, tried to bleed the air out of the cooling system, but it now looks like I’m going to need at least a thermostat or possibly a new ECT sensor. Which means I’ll have to spend a bunch of time emptying out the car again so that it can be dropped off at the repair facility.

SLIders: Street Light Interference…

I remember when I was working for law firms in downtown DC.  This had to be in the 1990s.  I was leaving work in the dark or semi-darkness, so this would have been in the winter.  My memory tells me I was walking toward DuPont Circle Metro. There was a certain side street that I’d walk through (I was obsessed with patterns at the time, so I regularly took the same path home — as opposed to later, when I became obsessed with entropy and would take extraordinary measures to AVOID patterns — and along this path, there was a certain streetlight that, more often than not, would switch off as I passed underneath it.  There were stages of acknowledgement of this phenomenon.  First, acknowledgement that a pattern was developing. Then, anticipation. Then, familiarity, and some sort of odd internal pleasure (confirmation bias? validation?) when it occurred. Then, wondering what the phenomenon was. Then the realization that to even bring up the possibility that it could be anything but malfunction and coincidence would lump me in with the crazies. As in, even further than I had already lumped myself in by my strange associations, writings and cultivated friendships.

Looking back, I should have known there was probably a working theory. But back then, information was not as plentiful or easy to come by as it is now. Even I, who collected fringe texts and even ran fringe text-based bulletin board systems (BBSes), had not come across this particular phenomenon discussed in print at the time.

This weekend I decided to look into it further, and discovered that there are texts regarding the phenomena.  It’s called Street Lamp Interference, or SLI, and the people who cause it, or to whom it occurs, or who notice it, are called SLIders.