Alesis SR-16 early (through-hole) model deep dive

This is the one that’s quite popular for bending.

I wanted an easy and flexible way to get the leads in and out of there without having to solder, so I opted for a ZIF adapter. Unfortunately, there wasn’t sufficient clearance for the ZIF adapter, i.e., the neighboring chips were in the way, so I added a socket adapter on top of the existing socket as a stand-off.  You’ll see that I now have complete clearance and easy access to add leads within the ZIF channels.  This complicates closing the housing of the unit, but since I have other ideas in mind for the housing, that’s not a problem.

The bendable chip in this one (there are two copies of it) is this one, the Toshiba TC534000P (datasheet: TC534000):

Below the image is a link to my proof of concept video showing the leads from the ZIF adapter to the relay board and the Pi interface.

My SR-16 Raspberry Pi circuit bending experiment

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