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Seriously, DailyBeast?

The Craziest Tax Scam You’ve Never Heard Of?

Only if you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty years or so.

I remember the first guy I encountered who believed he wasn’t legally obligated to pay taxes. We were working for a law firm in DC. I was young, and just as inquisitive and open-minded as I am now, and he started explaining it to me, how once you learn the system you don’t have to pay taxes.

He got past the first hurdle, and avoided the company withholding. Then the IRS started putting pressure on the company. I was told by one of the partners, “if he keeps this up and it becomes a matter of us being penalized for his choices, he’ll be fired.”

This had to be sometime in the 90s. Back then it was just jabberwocky about avoiding taxes. I guess this was before it evolved into armed resistance against authority, shooting cops, etc. Back then it was a couple of scamsters getting rich selling you the “educational materials” you needed to learn how to “properly” file bogus tax returns. I don’t remember hearing about the secret bank account associated with every citizen back then that you could draw against with special Notes. I heard about those sometime later. But it’s all the same scam. The only winner is the joker selling the scam.

The linked video is pretty entertaining, though. Shows the result of a Sovereign Citizen trying to shove his way between a couple of obstructive bailiffs.  Go. Watch. Enjoy. Thank me later.

P.S., don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to pay my taxes either. It’s a lot of money, some of it going to support stuff I don’t necessarily agree with.