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Dream: An intimate evening with Jerry Orbach and S. Epatha Merkerson

No, not that kind of intimate.  SINGING.

We stopped into a small place for dinner, the family, all four of us, and we picked a table and were looking at menus casually, when the music started. There were two blonde girls playing impressive piano, and we pointed it out to our girls.

After a bit, the singer came out, and it was S. Epatha Merkerson, singing sultry while walking around the restaurant. Eventually she settled on me, and was trying to get my jacket off of me.

Next number, Jerry Orbach came out and sang a tune. I woke up thinking, “what’s his name? Lenny Bruce?”  No.  Lenny Briscoe.

Be careful with earbuds at bedtime

girl_with_pearl_earbudsI woke up early this morning, like work-day early, and i figured I’d get some listening time in. I’m still working on the last 20% or so of American Gods. Well, I guess I wasn’t really ready to be awake, because I fell back into dreamland while listening. In my dream, I was at my father’s place in Florida, with the family on a visit, I suppose. In the dream I was listening to the same audiobook, and I guess he was trying to get my attention, so I pressed stop on the player, but the words kept coming. Strange. So I pulled the earbuds out of my ears (in the dream) and the WORDS KEPT COMING.  There I was, confused as to why these words kept coming from inside my ears with no player and no earbuds. After a few more dream moments of this confusion, I woke up, laughed, removed the earbuds again and was actually relieved when the words stopped in real life that time. One of those recursive dreams would have really thrown me for a loop.

Recurring Dream: Airships taking planes out of the sky

Have you ever experienced a recurring dream that morphs over time into a different outcome? I woke this morning from one of my recurring dreams.

In the past, I would hear a loud engine noise from the sky and see either an unfamiliar aircraft flying in patterns unsupported by known, existing craft, only to lose control and then crash, leading me to awaken with a sense of despair which can be related to witnessing a disaster.

Sometimes, rather than crashing itself, the strange craft would take out a traditional aircraft appropriate to our place an dtime. Again, despair and disaster.

This time, however, apparently the unidentified craft has improved technology. The first thing I heard was the sound. It was not unlike multiple transport helicopters flying low overhead — a heavy drone with deep undertones. I looked up, and soon realized it was an unidentifiable craft which first appeared to be in some large rectangular shape. In my dream, I went and got a camera and began photographing from my patio window.

It made several passes, starting out quite distant from my vantage point, and then making closer passes. I was able to get multiple photos. At one point the craft seemed to have “captured” a plane. Another pass, it seemed to be carrying a blimp.

In my dream, I didn’t get around to taking a closer look at the photos I had captured in order to draw them from memory. I had to put the camera down to deal with things that were going on in the house, and then I woke. Instead of a sense of despair, I woke with a sense of apprehension, as in the dream, I had realized that They, whoever They were, likely knew I had photos, and might have a problem with that.

The soundtrack throughout the dream was Radiohead, culminating in Subterranean Homesick Alien. Appropriately spooky?

The very last scene prior to waking, probably unrelated, was looking out my window to see folks sunning themselves by a riverside. In January.