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Some people should read The Art Of Asking

I forgot to write a little bit about Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking, which I finished a week or two ago. It’s a pretty great and inspiring read. It has already helped to inspire me in my current projects. She’s pretty real.

You might want to read it if —

you’re interested in the dynamics of crowdfunding/Kickstarter
you’re a struggling artist and/or performer
you’re a fan of the DIY aesthetic
you’re ever in doubt about the value of art
you’re ever in doubt about the value of yourself
you want to hear some great stories about connecting with people
you’ve ever yelled “Get a Job” at a street performer
you’re already a fan of Amanda (you haven’t already? why not?)
you’re already a fan of Neil Gaiman (yes, there are some Neil stories in there)
you’ve struggled with the act of “asking” for something… anything… from anyone.